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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Afghan Patterns

Afghan Patterns

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Afghans are usually very bright and whimsical. They can come in any pattern. The most common pattern for an afghan is the octagon with surrounding color splashes. Afghans can come in stripes, for that is what is most commonly used for blankets. It can also come in random color variations of the octagon, being striped to the outside of the blanket. Afghans are usually hand-made of yarn, and can therefore come in any color. 

Some companies in the US will even allow you to customize your own afghan and go with it. Afghans also have a symbolic and cultural purpose. They can be used as war rugs. If they are used in such a manner, they are given the name of the tribe that created them, or event the region in which they are located.

This is not what the rugs are used for in the United States though. They are used as décor and are very valuable. Relating to Persian rugs, the afghan can sell for a pretty penny, often supplying companies with a lot of money for the single purchase of a rug.
The patterns of the afghans are mostly symmetrical.

They are geometrical and always have some sort of shape on them They have an inner shape, usually an octagon, that can be surrounded by a border around the outside of the carpet or the octagon can be surrounded by flowers and intricate vine designs. But they are always colorful.

The shapes can be red, cream, yellow, green, pure white or whatever color is needed to make the design look good. When thinking of an afghan design, one can picture the random geometric patterns that they colored when they were a kid and put it into a beautifully designed piece of fabric. That is what an afghan is. It is a geometric combination of color and wonder and imagination all thrown into the same bowl.

If you don’t find the afghan pattern that you want so you can make a design you can ask someone to customize it for you. There are some wonderfully skilled people out there in this field. You will have to pay extra for them to either make you the pattern or for them to make the afghan for you. Yet if you really want something in particular this can be the best way to go.

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